Bloody Good PR

Bloody Good PR

The whole concept of Public Relations is to get noticed, right?

But with so many media sources out there these days:

– How do you get noticed and stand out in the crowd?
– How do you make Google fall in love with you?
– How to you make social media hungry for more of your news?

You get noticed by becoming Bloody Good News, that’s how.
And that happens when you have
– Catchy (not gray) headlines.
– Spicy articles that make people remember and want to read more.

That’s where we step in. We do that kind of work.

What to Expect?

  • We get people to notice you even more
  • Google will love you
  • Social media is hungry to engage in your content

We work on

  • Headlines are the key
  • Turning press releases into stories
  • Story editing and production
  • Social media positioning
  • Keyword Research
  • Google | Bing | Duck Duck Go | Yahoo | Yandex
  • Google News | Bing News | Yahoo News


  • Guaranteed prominent lead coverage on partner publications
  • 2+ million potential viewers expected over time
  • You own the copyright

Do you have to change your PR Agency?

  • We are not a PR agency
  • We mean to add to the value PR agencies do, including guaranteed Earned Media placement