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 Travel Marketing Network media release program is very specific, highly detailed. TMN tells the right story, at the right place, at the right time. Engagement is critical once placement is achieved. eTN captures audience attention with original, intelligent content for your story within crowded platforms.Are renowned for hyperbole and will make enticing, yet very vague claims your press release and important news will go everywhere; to thousands of outlets, with an audience of tens of millions. Be alert for hyperbole, a hallmark of the media distribution industry.
 Identifies and attracts a highly targeted market audience, then importantly, engages them with your story and brand.Resorts to a button-pushing, splatter approach; spamming your content to news aggregators and squandering your budget.
 The Travel Marketing Network never utilizes automatic distribution. The eTN database is precision-mined to reach a customized, relevant targeted audience specifically for your brand.Industry leaders have recently gone on record revealing the inefficiency of traditional media release distribution. Comtex recently acknowledged it alone processes up to 80,000 press releases in a single business day. Kevin Akeroyd, CEO of Cision, says, “The overall volume of press releases, both in the US and globally, as well as cost per press release, is at an all-time high.”
 Has both renowned US and global databases which are proven, and established in 1999. These databases are meticulously maintained to ensure any usage is directly relevant to your content, brand and specific objectives.Negligently use an automatic process to produce unsubstantiated, inflated distribution numbers, which all too often are not actually seen by even a small percentage of the purported audience.
 To gain genuinely effective positioning and reach, investment is needed to drive your message to platforms you need to appear on to reach authentic audiences. This is critical to achieving measurable results and objectives.Many well-known media companies will claim “thousands of publications” will publish your news “free” because it’s so relevant. This could not be further from the truth. Brands are being short-changed with short cuts, which are usually lazy, one size fits all “solutions”.