Service Provider Qualifications

Service Provider Qualifications

Become a service provider: 

Available to:

  • Companies, associations or individuals providing services with a good track record and a clean complaint history
  • You must be able to fit into our overall objectives
  • Companies, associations or individuals that are willing to go the extra step for our clients
  • Companies, associations or individuals that are financially solid
  • Companies, associations or individuals that have a policy of non-discrimination

TravelMarketingNetwork members advantages: 

  • Year around visibility throughout our networks and outreach
  • Access to a growing list of network providers adding to your team
  • Access to experts
  • Access to media and distribution networks
  • Reasonable access to the eTurboNews network, database, and distribution.
  • Global expansion
  • New clients and projects


  • One time initiation Fee: $1,000.00
    (includes a press release to announce your participation)
  • Quarterly  participation fee:
    – small size PR  freelance consultant: $250.00
    – PR companies with up to 12 associates: $600.00 per location
    – PR companies with more than 12 associates: $1500.00 per location
  • A project based profit sharing for all activities brought to you by TravelMarketingNetwork Participation. (Participation fees deducted)

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